Massachusetts Boston Mission

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Change is on the way!

Dear family, 

This week has been a week of miracles! Sister Thompson and I have been travelling throughout the mission going on exchanges with all the Sister Training Leaders. This week we were in Lowell with Sister Lima and Sister Goncalves, then in Norwich with Sister Bower and Sister Jessop, and also in western Massachusetts, Greenfield, with Sister Halcom and Sister Saito. 

We've seen miracles on each exchange! We've been able to teach a lot of people over skype and hook them up with the local missionaries where they live. Some of the countries we've taught in the past two weeks include the following:
Sri Lanka, India, Uganda, Denmark, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, and more. 

I love the digital mission! 

It's a weird transitory time in our mission. We are preparing for a new mission president. It's going to be really hard to say goodbye to The Packard's. They have left a legacy in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. They have taken this mission to places it had never been before and have blessed so many individual lives along the way. 

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to drive down to Hartford, Connecticut and give a presentation of the digital mission to the stake leaders there with President Packard. I love hearing President talk about the digital mission. It gets me more and more excited every time. It's been so much fun working with the leaders in our mission and spending time with all the missionaries as well. 

This week coming up we will be going on an exchange every day. We will start in Providence, then Boston, and Springfield. It's going to be super busy and tiring, but Sister Thompson and I are ready to rock it! 

We will both be transferred in two weeks. Sister Packard told me she knows where I'll most likely be going. I am nervous to find out where, but until then I will be magnifying my calling as a fishbowl missionary and working my hardest until I'm released from this unique calling. I've learned so much here. I have learned that miracles really do happen EVERY DAY! 

I love you all. :) 

Hermana Webber

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fishbowl Fun

Hey, family! 

It's been a HISTORICAL week in the fishbowl. A lot has happened. It's been so great. 

We had a baptism in ECUADOR! That makes 7 total baptisms in the digital mission, all of which have been out of the USA. The zone leaders in Worcester, MA, Elder Trujillo and Elder Pennington found Silvy, and taught her on skype. She ended up meeting the missionaries and was baptized as a member of our church on Saturday. We are so pumped about all the miracles we are seeing in the digital mission. Things are escalating fast!

Wednesday we had the last Mission Leadership Council (MLC) with the Packard's before they leave in three weeks. We started the meeting by going to the temple. It was SO special to be in the celestial room with my mission family. President and Sister Packard sat there and watched as we all entered, and it really felt like what I think heaven will be like. Surrounded by the ones you love. It's bliss.

The meeting was stellar. I learned, as always, SO much from The Packard's. I learned about sacrifice (they've really sacrificed so much to serve in this capacity). I learned about humility. The Packard's are leaving behind a LEGACY, and they are still just such humble people. They have done wonders for the New England area in the church. They are two of the greatest, most beautiful people I have ever known. 

On Friday, we went to two zone meetings within our mission where we did a training/presentation of the digital mission to the missionaries there. We went to Springfield and the elders went to Scituate, Rhode Island. The training went REALLY well! I love all the missionaries in our mission. We are seriously a family. 

Saturday was really fun. We went to a missoin-wide Ward Mission Leader training given by President and Sister Packard. I love to watch them work TOGETHER. They do everything together and it amazes me to see how involved Sister Packard is in the ministry over the mission. After the training, we got to go with Sister Packard for a bit. She had to take us back to the church building, but we stopped by someone's graduation luncheon first. It was so fun to hang out with Sister Packard for a morning! 

That night, we drove to Cambridge where we had to shoot some shots for a video we are making. Sister Thompson and I went street contacting while Elder Halling and Elder Gonzalez filmed in the distance. We ran into a really interesting lady named Mel. We ended up teaching her right there in the streets of Harvard Square for an hour and a half. We taught her about The Plan of Salvation and she had so many great questions. 

On Sunday, we traveled to Lowell, Massachusetts where we presented the digital mission to an entire ward for the third hour of their church meetings. It was SO well! We just talked about what the digital mission and is why/how we do it. We picked members from the audience to go into a separate room with myself and Sister Lima, one of the sisters serving in Lowell. Together, we went online and found someone to skype with! We found a woman named Miguelina from The Dominican Republic in about 10 minutes and skyped her in front of everyone in the chapel. She told us she wanted to learn more.

The presentation could not have gone better and later that night, someone from the ward emailed us saying they wanted to donate two laptops to the digital mission! It's amazing to see all the support coming from the members here in New England. We are doing something REALLY big and important. We are changing the way the church does missionary work. 

We had a really important meeting with Brother Orgill, who is a member of the mission presidency, and as a group, we decided that by the end of this transfer, the ENTIRE Massachusetts Boston Mission is going to be a part of the digital mission. Every area will now be online proselyting as well physical proselyting. We are SO excited about it. The timing of The Lord is absolutely perfect. The new mission president, President Miller, knows a lot about computers, and we are going to get the mission ready for when he comes with his new, fresh ideas. We are closing the gap between the Massachusetts Mission and the Digital Mission. It's now just going to be the Massachusetts Boston Mission, and as a missionary here, we are ALL changing the world in our online teaching endeavors. 

I know the church is true! I am so grateful for the experiences I've had. I loved getting to meet and sing for Elder Jeffrey R. Holland last week and witness his ministry. I know he is an apostle and representative of Jesus Christ. I loved hearing him testify of Joseph Smith.I love my mission so much. 

I hope you are all doing well! I miss and love you all so much. Knowing I have such a loving family and beautiful friends is what makes this little sacrifice of 18 months all worth it in the end. It really is a SMALL sacrifice compared to that of our Savior. I testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I know it with all my heart.


Hermana Webber

We are the Fishbowl Missionaries

Sister Buttars

The Packards

We found a gigantic foot

Boston, the Fishbowl Missionaries, Sister Thompson, and more! :)

Lunch at the Top of the Hub

The Prudential Building

Got locked out of the apartment during exchanges!


Fancy Lunch

View of Boston from the Charles River

The Fishbowl Missionaries

We went to the temple this morning! :)

My new companion, Sister Thompson! 

She is my mini me! By the way, we aren't in a trio!