Massachusetts Boston Mission

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello, family!
Happy Easter! 
I don't have time to write, but just know that things are swell here in Providence. 
I wake up every single day happy, knowing that I am in the service of my Lord. 
This week was great. We had many miracles occur (as always). 
We have several investigators progressing towards baptism and I love the people more than ever. 
I don't ever want to leave!
My heart is happy as I think of the Savior this week as we celebrate his resurrection. 
I testify that He lives. 
He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. 
I stand all amazed...
Hna Webber

Lasting Conversion


I love the mission. 

This week was phenomenal. I am witnessing the lasting conversion of Kimberly Ordonez. She is absolutely wonderful. She is preparing to be baptized on Easter Sunday. We've been teaching her for only 3 weeks and she's come SO far. She's faithfully living the commandments and is "intensely preparing" (in her own words) for her baptism. I LOVE HER. She came out with us to help teach some of our other investigators and on Sunday, she helped the elders teach a primary class. She's truly the Lord's elect and was so prepared. I feel so humbled and grateful to watch her transformation. The Gospel blesses lives! 

Our two investigators, Varinia and Valeria, are also preparing to be baptized on Easter Sunday. They are unbelievable sweet and sooo excited to be baptized! 

We are also teaching a Domincan family 7 women who just came from the DR a couple months ago. They came to church yesterday for the first time and LOVED it! I ADORE them. They're beautiful people. 

Well, I'm basically in denial that I'm going home in 6 weeks
They should probably let sisters serve for 2 years hahaha 
I love the mission. 
The Church is true! 

Hermana Webber
Alma 37:36-37

Let Go And Let GOD

Dearly beloved family, 

This. Week. Was. GREAT. 

We had MLC, where all the leaders got together and we received revelation and guidance on the work. SUPER spiritual. 

We put on Zone Meeting on Friday with our zone and I learned SO much. 
We talked about Letting Go and LETTING GOD. 

For so long I've stood in the way of God and His work. 
I am finally discovering how to just let go and let Him do His work through me. 
He led us to find 10 new investigators this week, 4 of whom already have a baptismal date. 
SO amazing. God is just toooooo good. 

I wanted to tell you a little bit about one of my investigators. 
Her name is Kimberly. She is AMAZING. 
She is being changed by the Gospel and I feel so lucky to be a witness of it. 
The Gospel truly blesses us! I am seeing it firsthand in her life. 
Kimberly is from Honduras and she's 19. 
She is an artist and I swear God called me here for her! 
She is preparing to be baptized on March 27th (EASTER!). I really hope I can introduce you all to her someday. I love her! 

We are also teaching a family called the Monterroso family. They are BEAUTIFUL. They're Guatemalans and we knelt in prayer with them this week. They're super prepared and we've only taught them like twice, but every time we teach them it's a SUPER spiritual experience. 
They are AMAZING. 

Last night, we taught Valeria and Varinia, two little girls whose mother is from Bolivia and who is a member. They've never been baptized, however, so we're teaching them the missionary discussions and they were begging their mom last night to be baptized! God is sending us to His prepared children! It's such a blessing. They are preparing to be baptized on Easter as well. :) 

I love this work. 
It truly means everything to me. 
God is good and it feels so good to surrender to His will, because He leads us to miracles and blessings and happiness each day. 
Give it a try. 


Hermana Webber

Monday, February 29, 2016

Specific Prayers

Wow. I will never forget this week. One of the best of my mission. 

We had exchanges with the Portuguese sisters, Sister Couto and Sister Capece, and I spent the day with an African goddess. Hahaha She is from Mozambique! We had a great day together. Some of our appointments fell through, but the Holy Spirit led us to the home of Oscar Monterroso, who was baptized as a member of the church when he was 12 years old in Guatemala, but since coming to the USA (nearly 20 years ago), has never gone to church. He's not on any of the our records, we just decided to knock on his door. The Lord truly guides His servants. He told us to call him and that we could come visit him. 

Well, the next day we had a SPECIAL MLC. Two men from the board of proselyting in Salt Lake City came to visit our mission and train the leaders, Brother Hemmingway & Brother Donaldson. They are MASTER teachers. It was super cool because ALL the power was out in the Weston chapel where we met, and they'd planned on showing us lots of videos/presentations/etc. but instead, we all ended up in the Relief Society room (which was the best sunlit room in the building) and we discussed, learned and were trained. What we learned was 100% led by His Spirit. I'm so grateful the power didn't work that day! 

They taught us SO many things. My big take away was to truly let God do His work through me. I often get in His way, but I am working on letting the Holy Spirit guide. 

After our special meeting on Thursday, Hermana Hafen and I decided to put to practice what we'd learned. They'd taught us a lot about finding the Lord's "elect," and if you want to find the people who are truly prepared to receive the gospel, you've gotta ask the Lord to lead you to them. Be SPECIFIC. 

On Thursday night, as we planned out our day, we sought guidance on what to do between the hours of 5-7. As we prayed, a very strong impression came to me that we should go visit Oscar, the man I'd met on exchanges with Sister Capece. We penciled it in and went to bed. 

Friday morning, Hermana Hafen and I decided we were going to be REALLY specific with the Lord. We prayed and asked Him to lead us to a family with two children, and a father who has a job. 

Miraculously, we found TWO families. 

We'd gone to visit a recent convert (14 year old Frederick from Guatemala), but his mom wasn't home, so we couldn't go inside. We asked him if he wanted to come knock on the door across the street from his house with us. He agreed because he's great, and we ended up finding Jill, Antonio, and Anaya, an ADORABLE little family Jill LOVES Jesus Christ and teaches he TWO kids all about him. He husband owns two companies. We taught them the first lesson, gave them all Books of Mormon, and they invited to come and teach them more. 


Then, that night, we went and visited Oscar, as we'd planned. We discovered he has a wife and together, they have four sons, none of whom know about the church. Oscar also has a job... We taught them how to pray and set up another appointment for tomorrow


If you ask him a specific question, He will give you a specific answer. 

I love the Lord. 
It breaks my heart to know I only have 2 months left as a full time missionary. 
I will live the rest of my live as His disciple. 
I love you all! 
God guides this work. 
It's HIS work. 


Hermana Webber

Then, that night, we went

Sorry I'm not good at writing home haha

So, I've been in Providence for about a month and I figured it was about time to send you my new address. :) 

57 Petteys Ave. Providence, RI 02909
There it is! 
Sorry about last week. 
Apparently wasn't working, which explains why none of my emails went through.
We got to go to the temple on Monday, though. We took Felipe Duvon, who is a recent convert from Guatemala, and he was baptized for his deceased father and grandfather. 
We also took pictures outside the temple doing heel clicks. I'll send some pictures so you can appreciate it.
Highlights from the past two weeks:
- We had a great Zone Conference! The Spirit was tangible! 
- We received STRAIGHT UP REVELATION from The Lord as to what we need to do here in Providence. The Lord is with us. Truly, he is. 
- I got to go back to Boston for a night and see one of my investigators get baptized! Her name is Iluminada "Julie" Hernandez and she is ADORABLE. She had asked me to come back and give a talk about the Holy Ghost. Her baptism was beautiful and I got to see many people that I love so dearly. 
- We were in the service of the Lord. That's always a highlight. 
- Exchanges with the Providence sisters. I learned a lot as always and we picked up a new investigator at a World Famous restaurant called N.Y. System Hot Weenies. Look it up. It's delicious. 
- Exchanges with the Central Falls sisters. We found 7 new investigators that day. A family of 5 women who just came to Rhode Island from the Dominican Republic. They are absolutely ADORABLE. We are going to start working pretty closely with them starting this week.
"Morale is high!"
The Church is true. 
I love my mish! 
I love you all!!!
Hermana Webber

Saturday, February 20, 2016

No Time!

Hello, beautiful family! 
I don't have any time to write today because we are about to go eat pupusas with our Bishop here in Providence... Hahahah Anything for the kingdom!!! 
Anyways, things are great here. I love this area. 
It's an area filled with miracles every single day.
We had MLC this week and I learned a lot. We talked about the role of the Holy Ghost and what helps us increase the power with which we teach. 
It snowed a lot this week, and we got stuck inside the chapel one of these days, but things turned out just fine. We even had to postpone our zone meeting a day because the roads were pretty bad. Our zone meeting was great. We all committed to being a model zone for our mission. The Spirit was strong and the church is true. I love the Lord!
Also, Cruz was baptized this week. Which was a huge tender mercy from the Lord. 
His baptism was beautiful and he has a beautiful testimony! :)
Have a great week, everyone! I hope I'll have more time next week, but we might be at the temple, so I can't make any promises. I'll be sending some pictures soon too. :)
Hermana Webber

This Is LOB City

Love & Obedience = Baptisms

So, I'm in my new area.
New zone.
New companion.
New people.

This is LOB City.
 This zone is a special place.

Hermana Hafen, is my new companion. She's from St. George, Ut. and she is practically perfect in every way. I'm not kidding. She is extremely Christlike and I cannot wait to learn from her. It's only her 2nd transfer in the mission, but she seems as if she's been out forever. She is wonderful.
We work with Elder Cagle and Elder Felt. Elder Felt is fresh out of the missionary training center and Elder Cagle is new to the area too. They are GREAT elders and I'm super stoked to work with them! 

In the month of January, our zone had a goal to find 132 new investigators. Although I wasn't here to witness all the miracle finding for most of the month, I arrived here with just 4 days left in the month. We still had a ways to go to accomplish the goal, and Hermana Hafen and I have been in charge of keeping track of how many investigators have been found and updating the zone through text messages about our progress. We told the zone that if we reached our goal, they could throw a pie in ours and the Zone Leaders faces at the next Zone Meeting. That lit us up a little!

Yesterday, the last day of January, we started off the day needing 10 more to accomplish our goal. Everyone went out and worked hard, and by the time 8:30 rolled around, we only needed 6 more. Hermana Hafen and I had been going around to visit potential investigators all day, but had no luck... We decided to go by Joselyn's (an adorable Recent Convert from Guatemala who is preparing for a mission!). None of her family are members of the church. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon with her mom, and she agreed to taking the missionary discussions!

We only needed FIVE more.

It was 9:15 and we sent out a text to the zone, announcing we only had 15 minutes to find five more investigators... Then, A MIRACLE HAPPENED!

Hermana Hafen and I were prompted to stop by a home that we had already visited twice that day, but they hadn't answered. They were a potential family from Guatemala. We prayed REALLY hard, and knocked one last time.

At 9:15 they answered the door and let us in.
We entered, taught them how to pray, invited them to hear our message and set up a return appointment. The entire family.
Five of them!

We immediately prayed to thank the Lord for blessing us with the faith to knock one more time and to witness a MIRACLE. His hand is ever present. He is truly with his missionaries, and I am a personal witness of that.
We are teaching a family here, Alexis, Lesbia and Daniel, and we set a baptismal date with them last night. They are preparing to be baptized on February 21st. This is a great area. I am following in the footsteps of some fantastic missionaries and I feel so blessed serve.
I love the Lord. 
Hermana Webber