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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Work of Salvation

Living in Cambridge is an adventure. 
Today is Sister Caceres' last PDay, and she asked if we could spend the day in Boston as normal missionaries. After 6 weeks of being a "fishionary," it will be good to get back to the good old grind. We are writing from The Boston Public Library, which is a gorgeous building. It's been a really wonderful week and I've learned something incredibly important. We went exchanges with three sets of sisters this week and I got to spend a day with two of my old companions! On Wednesday, I was with Sister Heileson, my trainer, and then on Thursday I spent the day with Sister Riggs, my MTC companion. It was so fun to go to their areas and see all the work they're doing there. 

I always found out that I am staying one more transfer in The Fishbowl! I am so excited! I am going to have TWO companions! I'll be in my first trio and I can't wait. I'll be with Sister Westover and Sister Thompson. I have heard the most amazing things about the both of them and I'm excited to work with them. 

The Fishbowl is also being re-stationed to Weston, Massachusetts, which is where the Packard's live. We will get to see them a lot more, which will be so fun. I love that family very much! In my district will be the AP's, the PVC sisters, the moving elders, and The Fishbowl missionaries. None of us are regular missionaries, so it'll be a hilarious district meeting every week! 

Yesterday we had Stake Conference in Cambridge and President and Sister Packard came to speak to the entire stake. I was so happy to hear from them and President taught me something that changed my life. I'll never forget it. It's completely changed my perspective on things and I know this piece of knowledge that I gained this week will map the course of the rest of my life. Let me explain...

We are not true Christians if we do not do missionary work!
Think about it, when Jesus Christ came to the Earth, when He created the earth, when He did everything He has ever done... What was the purpose of it all? It was TO BRING TO PASS THE ETERNAL LIFE of ALL of us! So, if we truly want to follow the example of Jesus Christ, we will model our lives after His. We will look for ways throughout each day in which we can invite people to learn more about the church. Our purpose is to INVITE OTHERS TO COME TO CHRIST, and in turn, receive salvation. Missionary work really is everything. 

I am so glad to be a missionary. I challenged everyone to look for ways to become a missionary in your everyday life! I know when we invite others to come to Christ, we go with them. 


Hermana Webber

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Digital Mission Life :)

Hello, family and friends!

It's been a really historical weekend for me. 

On Saturday night, 8:30 pm Massachusetts time, 7:30 pm Cali, Colombia time, Jairo Sanchez was baptized. My sweet past companion, Sister De Leon and I, watched over a skype call as Jairo entered into the waters of baptism in Colombia, and entered onto the path that leads to eternal life.

Sister De Leon found Jairo on interpals, one of the websites we use in the digital mission, a few months back. Together, she and I taught him and connected him with the missionaries where he lives. She and I were able to witness his conversion, from when he heard the message of the restored gospel for the first time two months ago, to when he stepped into the baptismal font two nights ago... And all we did this all over skype. Sister De Leon and I were blessed to be able to be firsthand witnesses, not only of Jairo's conversion, but also of the effectiveness of the digital mission. 

It is evident that the technology we have been blessed with in this day can be used to bring people back home to their God. The Spirit can testify to others of the truthfulness of the message we bare, whether we are teaching someone two feet from us, or two thousand miles from us over skype. The Spirit of God will not be hindered and NO UNHALLOWED HAND CAN STOP THIS WORK FROM PROGRESSING! :) 

My testimony of the digital mission is officially unshaken. We even took a picture of Jairo with Elder Serrano, the missionary who baptized him! It was one of the most spiritually renewing moments of my mission, so far. We really are making a difference! 

I am so excited to be doing God's work! I know He has trusted me with a very sacred calling at this time. 



Hermana Webber

Jairo Sanchez

Boston Marathon, Red Sox Game, Martha Vineyard's, and more!! :)

This week was sooooo much fun!!!

Okay, so we got a lot of stuff done. Sister Caceres and I went to visit some sisters in Southern Connecticut on Tuesday. We skyped with 5 people in one hour! Man, can I just say again that I LOVE the digital mission?? It was so much fun to go back to Connecticut again! Then, on Thursday, we went to MARTHA'S VINEYARD!!! :) We went to visit the sisters there and again, skyped with 5 more people in just one hour. Man, being in the fishbowl is a blast. 

We work a lot with President and Sister Packard. They are some of the greatest people in the world. They seriously inspire me. This Wednesday, we will be doing a training for all the extenders in the mission, and then next Wednesday we will do another training for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission. We have lots of work to do! 

I am sending some pictures of when we went to the Red Sox game and then to the Boston Marathon. Man, Boston is seriously an adventure. The other day we were visiting the Boston Sister Training Leaders (one of them is actually my trainer, Sister Heileson, and it was super good to see her again). After we trained them a little, Sister Caceres took me to Quincy Market in Boston where we ate lunch! She served in Boston, so she knows her way around. It was so much fun. I honestly have the most beautiful mission in the world. MBM PRIDE! :) 

Sister Caceres and I got to go on exchanges with Sister Hung and Sister Gropp, two of the sisters in our zone this week. It was great to be able to teach some people face-to-face again! Our sisters are amazing! They serve in Belmont, where the smartest and richest people in America live. Okay, that's probably exaggerating, but Belmont is a hard area because people can be pretty... Noble. It was so fun to visit everyone, though! 

On Sunday, we taught a young man from Colombia named Daniel! He came to the Cambridge Stake Center and Sister Caceres and I went there for a regional conference. We ended up bringing him to the Fishbowl with us where we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He LOVED it and he is such a nice guy! I love this opportunity we have to preach the gospel, over the internet and in person too. Man, I am just so happy here! I have found my people. :) 

Well, I just want to leave you all this week with my testimony of this church. I know it is true. I know that it is the only source where we can find TRUE, PURE happiness. I love Jesus Christ. How lucky I am to be His representative. How unworthy I am too... My mission is changing me. It's making me better and I would never trade this time in my life for anything. This is what pure bliss is! Sharing God's word to the world. 

Hermana Webber

Battle at Lexington and Concord reenactment 

Fenway Park <3

Red Sox game on P-Day!

We scalped tickets and found some right behind home plate for $30! 
So much fun!! :)

My favorite people in the mission :)

The Boston Marathon!!

Clam Chowder at Quincy Market

Martha Vineyard's ferry ride