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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Digital Mission Life :)

Hello, family and friends!

It's been a really historical weekend for me. 

On Saturday night, 8:30 pm Massachusetts time, 7:30 pm Cali, Colombia time, Jairo Sanchez was baptized. My sweet past companion, Sister De Leon and I, watched over a skype call as Jairo entered into the waters of baptism in Colombia, and entered onto the path that leads to eternal life.

Sister De Leon found Jairo on interpals, one of the websites we use in the digital mission, a few months back. Together, she and I taught him and connected him with the missionaries where he lives. She and I were able to witness his conversion, from when he heard the message of the restored gospel for the first time two months ago, to when he stepped into the baptismal font two nights ago... And all we did this all over skype. Sister De Leon and I were blessed to be able to be firsthand witnesses, not only of Jairo's conversion, but also of the effectiveness of the digital mission. 

It is evident that the technology we have been blessed with in this day can be used to bring people back home to their God. The Spirit can testify to others of the truthfulness of the message we bare, whether we are teaching someone two feet from us, or two thousand miles from us over skype. The Spirit of God will not be hindered and NO UNHALLOWED HAND CAN STOP THIS WORK FROM PROGRESSING! :) 

My testimony of the digital mission is officially unshaken. We even took a picture of Jairo with Elder Serrano, the missionary who baptized him! It was one of the most spiritually renewing moments of my mission, so far. We really are making a difference! 

I am so excited to be doing God's work! I know He has trusted me with a very sacred calling at this time. 



Hermana Webber

Jairo Sanchez

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