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Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad/Book of Mormon Challenge!

Feliz Navidad! 


It was the greatest day.

Hector, our investigator that we've been working with for months, committed to being baptized January 16th. 
This was the greatest Christmas gift I received this season.

The close second was talking to my family! I feel so insanely blessed to have a family so supportive, so loving, and so uplifting. I am a lucky girl. 

We are working harder than ever. We received a training on the 23rd about being a CONSECRATED missionary. I am gonna dedicate everything I have to this work for my last few transfers. Every piece of my heart. Every cell in my body. Everything. 

I love my calling as a missionary. it has taught me so many things. I think one of the most important things I've learned from serving is the enabling and healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. God doesn't expect me to be a perfect missionary. However, he do expect me to do my BEST and when I don't, the grace of the Savior makes up for the rest. 

It's divine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. 
How can you consecrated yourself more to The Lord?

Hermana Webber


 Hello, beautiful people who I love so much. 
It was SO great to see you all on Friday. I love each of you more than you can imagine. 

I promised I'd send you an email with the details for the Book of Mormon challenge I extended to you. 
So, here it is:

Supplies needed:
1. A new, fresh, clean copy of The Book of Mormon
2. 4 different colored highlighters
3. FAITH. :) 

You officially have 115 days left before I get home. 
You must read FIVE pages a day in order to complete the challenge! 

Here are the things you should be looking for: (mark each with a different color!)
1. Titles of Christ
2. Words spoken by Christ (even if it's a prophet quoting him)
3. Attributes of Christ (if you want to read more about Christlike attributes, check out the following link!!!) 
4. Passages that contain the DOCTRINE of Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Enduring to the end... For more info, see 2 Nephi 31!) 

And this is the challenge! Start today! 
If you get behind, don't give up! 

Most important thing:
I am going to follow up with each of you the day I come home! So be ready to be held accountable!!!! 

I promise that by doing this challenge, you will all strengthen your faith and relationship with the Savior. It did the same for me. 

Hermana Webber


Merry Christmas from the Boston Spanish Missionaries 

Merry Christmas. 
the coolest companionship on earth
Hermana Webber y Hermana VerHoef

Please take a minute to appreciate this picture of Hermana VerHoef and I heel-clicking in Downtown Boston.
#CityMissionaries #ConsecrationNation

Merry Christmas! (Dinner @ the Anleu's)

BEast Sisters! @ Spanish Missionaries

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Rosa's

A Savior Is Born


Wow, this year has been so full of miracles, lessons, and love! It's honestly been one of the greatest of my life. For my Christmas email, I just want to testify of our Lord and Savior, The Son of God, even Jesus Christ. 

Everyone is pretty familiar with the Christmas story in the Bible (Luke 2, etc.), but I want to share with you the Christmas story from the Book of Mormon. 

In Helaman 14:1-8 Samuel the Lamanite, a prophet of God in the ancient Americas, testifies of the signs of Christ's birth. 
The signs were a new star and a day without a night. 
Later on in Helaman, all they that believe in the words of Samuel are baptized, but there are many unbelievers that say it is unreasonable to believe in the coming of a Savior.

In 3 Nephi 1, the Nephites that believed in Christ were threatened by the unbelievers, that if the signs prophesied by Samuel the Lamanite did not come to pass before a certain deadline, they would be killed.
On the night before the deadline of the massacre, one of the Nephite prophets (his name was Nephi) prayed to the Lord and asked for help. 

In 3 Nephi 1:11-15 Christ himself speaks to Nephi, in an answer to his prayer, and tells him to not worry. For that night, he would come unto the world. 
That night, the signs testified of by Samuel the Lamanite came to pass, and although Christ was born in the eastern hemisphere, far, far away from the people of Nephi, they all witnessed the undeniable signs of the coming of The Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

Two things I LOVE about the Christmas story from the Book of Mormon...

1. The fact that Christ's birth saved thousands of lives in the ancient Americas. If the signs hadn't appeared, the Nephite people surely would have suffered. Isn't that something? Christ was literally a SAVIOR from the very moment of his birth. 
2. On the night of His birth, The Lord saw it fit to speak to Nephi and to comfort him. Another example of Christ's selflessness and mission of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. I know that if we have faith, and ask The Lord, He will comfort us in any moment, in any hour, and in any need. 

What a blessing it is to have a SAVIOR. 
I testify that He is the Christ. I know that it is in Him, and Him only, that we can receive eternal life and exaltation. I hope we can all remember our loving and humble Savior, not just this Friday, but every single day.

Merry Christmas!!!

Hermana Webber

PS This week we had a mini missionary stay the weekend with us. Her name was Amanda Wood, from Western Massachusetts and we had a really successful day with her! We taught an entire family and they fed us a Dominican dinner and then we picked up a SOLID new investigator named Eduardo. He's great. He's Puerto Rican. :) 

God is so GOOD!

The Massachusetts Boston Mission is ZION

Dear Family, 

Merry Almost Christmas!!! 

This week was crazy. 

We've gone on several exchanges with the sisters in our zone because one of our sisters is really sick. I spent all day with her on Saturday while our companions went out and worked in our areas. It was the first day of my whole mission that I've stayed home. I learned SO much. Sister Lima and I spent the day praying together, and talking, and studying scripture. I learned so much from her. 

Hermana VerHoef and I are involved in a Christmas Musical Fireside that our mission is putting on. We've been travelling the mission for practices and last night we had our first performance in Rhode Island. It was really successful! There were about 200 people there and it was a great missionary tool! 

Tonight we have another performance in Cambridge, MA. I am so excited! There are some incredibly talented missionaries in this mission! 

Hermana VerHoef and I are staying together for another transfer! This will be my fifth transfer in Boston and I couldn't be happier. This place is my home. :)

We had Zone Meeting this week and also a Zone Conference where an apostle came to visit our mission! He talked about the language of the Spirit and how we can constantly live worthy to have the Spirit with us. :) The conference was a huge learning experience for Hermana VerHoef and I. We were also asked to sing for it, and we performed, "Lord, I Would Follow Thee." 

At Zone Meeting our zone spent some time bearing our testimonies to one another. The Spirit was tangible in the room as we all told each other our stories. It was an indescribable experience and I was reminded how important it is to build ZION wherever you go. 

The Massachusetts Boston Mission is ZION. 

I love you all! 
Good things are gonna happen to us this week, because Hermana VerHoef and I are getting a mini missionary! A young woman is going to come spend the weekend with us and we are going to take her out and show her how much fun it is to serve God with all your heart, might, mind and strength. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Hermana Webber

40 day fast-Expect Miracles Everyday


I can't believe it's already that time of year!
We've been sharing the new video the church released like crazy! We're giving out pass-along cards like candy on Halloween. It's such a fun time of year and even better to be serving as a representative of Christ, sharing the message of his glorious birth! 

If you haven't seen the new video yet, go check it out!!!
A Savior is Born

So, this week, Hermana VerHoef and I decided to begin a 40 Day Fast. We wrote out a list of anything that could possibly distract us from the work of salvation, and we are going 40 days without doing any of those things! I love stuff like this. It keeps me motivated!!! We've had so many blessings and tender mercies this week too. 

Tomorrow, we have a zone conference with a general authority, Elder Packer. Hermana VerHoef and I were asked to perform for him. I am so excited! We are singing together. I'm so excited to learn from him and receive revelation from God! 

We've also been asked to perform for a musical fireside that our mission is putting on. Tonight, we're headed down to Groton, Connecticut to do a practice for it. I am so excited to travel the mission again! I'll be singing "O, Holy Night" and Hermana VerHoef is going to play the cello. She is an INCREDIBLE cellist. We will be performing next Sunday in Warwick, Rhode Island and again on Monday night in Harvard Square! 

We're so blessed to share the message of the Savior's birth through music! It's the best way I know how to share my testimony. :) 

Ether 12:4
Have a great week, everyone. EXPECT MIRACLES EVERYDAY. 
I love you, all! 

Hermana Webber

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Oh, boy. I've got sooooo much to be thankful for... 

This Thanksgiving was the most special thanksgiving of my life. Our investigator, Rene, was baptized. 

So, here's the rundown:

After working with Rene for 5 months, he came up to us last Sunday and told us he wanted to be baptized. I was absolutely stunned! He wasn't ready to be baptized on Sunday though, because he had some issues with the Word of Wisdom. He was still drinking coffee and smoking. We were really devastated, because he was supposed to leave to go back to Guatemala on Wednesday...

Well, on Wednesday, we had a missionary meeting called Return & Report for all the trainers and trainees in Weston, Mass. with our mission president. We went through the temple and it was a really special day. 

Anyways, we had talked to President Miller about possibly talking to Rene about the issues he was working through. Rene met us at the Weston chapel and we translated for him and he had a little interview with President Miller. President Miller asked him if he'd been able to cut back on the coffee and tobacco and Rene told him that he had. He asked Rene when he was supposed to leave for Guatemala, and Rene said on Friday (which was news to Hermana VerHoef and I!), and so President Miller asked him if he would be able to stop drinking coffee and smoking. Rene said he wasn't sure because he'd never tried before... And President challenged him to do it. Rene accepted and President asked him if he wanted to be baptized the next day! On Thanksgiving! And Rene accepted!!!

So, on Thanksgiving, instead of having a big turkey dinner, we had a baptism. 

It was one of the most spirit-filled baptisms I've ever witnessed. Rene has changed so much in the past five months we've been meeting with him. He has truly repented of his past and is a new person. His son, Carlos (who was baptized just one year ago), baptized him. He wept as he came out of the water and hugged him. We all wept. 

I think I was sent to Boston for this man. 
This family has changed my life.  

I love the work. I never want to come home! I could live everyday for the rest of eternity as a missionary, and I plan to do so! 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is transformative. It has taught me how to love. I've experienced such a pure love for Rene and his family and I will never be the same. I have so much to be thankful for:

A beautiful family who loves and supports me
A Savior who knows me
And the opportunity to share the message of the Restored Gospel with the world. 

I love you all! Count your blessings, for they truly are many!

Hermana Webber

City Life 


our toilet exploded and Elder Davis came and was a champ and fixed it for us.
Funniest picture ever.

Hermana VerHoef (I LOVE HER)

Heel clicks in front of the temple hahahaha

When we found out Rene could get baptized :)

Alphabet soup for Thanksgiving Dinner <3

Rene's Baptism

Hector, Rene, and Carlos (my favorite family in the world!)

Say hello to our Thanksgiving Miracle :)

Rene Castillo (the man, the myth, the LEGEND) I love this man.