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Monday, December 28, 2015

40 day fast-Expect Miracles Everyday


I can't believe it's already that time of year!
We've been sharing the new video the church released like crazy! We're giving out pass-along cards like candy on Halloween. It's such a fun time of year and even better to be serving as a representative of Christ, sharing the message of his glorious birth! 

If you haven't seen the new video yet, go check it out!!!
A Savior is Born

So, this week, Hermana VerHoef and I decided to begin a 40 Day Fast. We wrote out a list of anything that could possibly distract us from the work of salvation, and we are going 40 days without doing any of those things! I love stuff like this. It keeps me motivated!!! We've had so many blessings and tender mercies this week too. 

Tomorrow, we have a zone conference with a general authority, Elder Packer. Hermana VerHoef and I were asked to perform for him. I am so excited! We are singing together. I'm so excited to learn from him and receive revelation from God! 

We've also been asked to perform for a musical fireside that our mission is putting on. Tonight, we're headed down to Groton, Connecticut to do a practice for it. I am so excited to travel the mission again! I'll be singing "O, Holy Night" and Hermana VerHoef is going to play the cello. She is an INCREDIBLE cellist. We will be performing next Sunday in Warwick, Rhode Island and again on Monday night in Harvard Square! 

We're so blessed to share the message of the Savior's birth through music! It's the best way I know how to share my testimony. :) 

Ether 12:4
Have a great week, everyone. EXPECT MIRACLES EVERYDAY. 
I love you, all! 

Hermana Webber

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