Massachusetts Boston Mission

Sunday, January 25, 2015



Hey, cool cats of the world. This is Hermana Webber, reporting to you live from Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

Now that I´m done being a weirdo, I just wanted to share with you all a couple of awesome experiences we had this week! Each week that goes by just gets better and better! 

So, this week, Sister Heileson and I were SUPER busy! We had so many people to visit in such little time, but we made it work. Last week, she and I decided we were going to make a few personal sacrifices to God. We know that as we sacrifice of ourselves, this work will progress more rapidly, more effectively and with more love. Last Monday, I gave up something REALLY important to me. This was really hard for me to do, but I just want to share the immediate blessings that followed as Sister Heileson and I have tried to more fully focus our minds on this amazing work. 

This week, Sister Heileson and I picked up EIGHT New Investigators! This is a HUGE blessing, seeing as in my first transfer here we didn´t find any. I know that this was an answer from God telling us that as we dedicate our whole selves to our mission, He will guide us through it. 

One of the new investigators we found was found through DIVINE INSPIRATION from The Holy Ghost. This is a really amazing story, actually, because one of our appointments cancelled on us on Tuesday night. We called a member in our ward, Jose De La Cruz (he´s the best), and asked him if he could think of anyone in our ward that we should try visiting. He immediately told us of a family he´d been thinking of and that he would meet us at their house. We got there and they weren´t home, so we called them. Turns out, they were down the street at the restaurant that they own where we eat at frequently. They told us to come over, so we did and we visited with them! One of the member´s sister was there, who is less-active right now, and he told us that he didn´t know if it was a coincidence that we came to visit them that night or what, but he was glad that we had come and he encouraged us to ask his sister if we could come visit her at her house (I can assure you all, it was NOT a coincidence). :) 

His sister was totally cool with us coming over, and when we visited her a few days later, her daughter was there. Her daughter is not a member and she ended up opening up to us about her life story, pretty much. She told us about some really hard things she´d been going through, especially at the beginning of this new year, and how she would pray to God for help, and He would never give her answers. 

I told her about how Jose De La Cruz was inspired to visit her family a few days before, and that is how we ended up at her house. I told her that I knew God had sent us to her as an answer to her prayers. Sister Heileson shared an inspired scripture with her, and we asked if we could come back to teach her more about our church and she accepted! I was absolutely amazed by how when we follow the promptings of The Holy Spirit, God blesses our lives! 

I just want to testify that as we let go of things that aren´t of importance to God, we more fully allow the influence of The Holy Ghost to direct us in our lives. I know we received those promptings because of the things we´d sacrificed this week. I testify that our God is a God of miracles, and that through him, NOTHING is impossible. I challenge you all to find something in your life that you can sacrifice to Heavenly Father. Something big. Keep in mind the sacrifice of our perfect, loving, beautiful brother, Jesus Christ. He sacrificed EVERYTHING - His prefect life - for US... Imperfect, flawed, humans... What can WE sacrifice for Him, who is without flaw?

I love you all! I hope you are all safe and well. May The Lord bless you as you give of yourselves. 

Hermana Webber

The Pie-Cake Hermana Webber and Hermana Heileson made for their District Leader, Elder Dahl, for his Birthday! 

Throwback to a couple of weeks ago when they went to the Temple with Sam!! :)

Hannah thought this picture was just hilarious!

This is their "Zion" bedroom. They moved all the beds in one room because they love each other so much! 

Thanks for the cute, new dresses, Mom! 

Hermana Heileson's missionary tag broke in half when she sat on it...

...So Hannah is letting her use one of hers! :)

The best picture of all time! 

Hermana Webber and Hermana Heileson! :)

Hashtag 'Merica! Hannah loves serving in the States!! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015



         This week, I realized that I have become a part of Zion here on earth today. I know I've been babbling on about this topic of "Zion" for a while, but it's honestly a concept that I'd never really considered before I came to New England. I felt prompted to write about it this week!

         In Mosiah 18, Alma builds up Christ's church on the earth. These people worked together with one goal, one heart, and one mind to build up God's kingdom on the earth. There was nothing but love and support amongst them. This is one of the first example in the church's history of Zion. 

        The second best example I can think of when I try to understand this concept is that of the Mormon pioneers. These people went through inhumane circumstances: Starvation, frostbite, angry mobs, opposition of all kinds, but just like Alma's people, they pressed forward, loving and lifting one another up, to further establish Christ's true church on the earth today. 

        The Massachusetts Boston Mission, I've discovered, is Zion on the earth today. In my short time here, I have yet to hear any missionary utter even one negative word about our mission. There is a love here that you can almost taste in the air. We are completely and totally united in the goal of bringing others back to the fold, or in inviting all people to come to Christ. 

        At the head of our MBM family, we have President and Sister Packard, who dedicate all they physically, mentally and emotionally have to this incredible work. They love and care for each of the missionaries individually. 

        As we all face trials and challenges here in New England, we encourage one another and serve one another each chance we get. And even though this mission is really hard in the fact that people here aren't always super receptive to the gospel, I am so grateful to be able to march on as the MBM. We really are as the army of Helaman. 

       I challenge you all to establish Zion in your lives, wherever you may be! With your families, your ward families, with your teams, clubs, or any other organizations. I know that when we are dedicated to the same cause, The Lord provides a way for us to accomplish anything! 

       I love you all! The church is true!!!

                                    Hermana Webber

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year, 2015!!

                      Happy, Happy 2015! Wow, where the heck did 2014 go?? Craziness! 

              One New Year's Ever, President Packard asked the entire mission to be in our apartments at 6:00 so that we wouldn't be on the roads with drunk drivers. So, to celebrate the New Year, my roommates and I rearranged our apartment. I know, EXCITING. It was pretty fun, though. Now, we all sleep in the same room. Talk about ZION hahaha

              Anyways, this week was really wonderful! On Tuesday night, we had a prayer answered by Heavenly Father. I tell you, our God is A GOD OF MIRACLES. We couldn't find a ride for one of the recent converts in our ward to the temple. We had been calling a ton of people in our ward and trying to work it out all week, but weren't having any luck. So, instead of relying on luck, we turned to our Father in Heaven. Within 10 minutes of saying a prayer, asking that we could find a ride, we received a call from a woman in our ward telling us that she had found someone who could take us to Boston the next day! Sister Heileson and I were so amazed! We are so blessed to have a loving God who hears us and answer us in all that we do! Wow, it was incredible! 

              The temple was even better! We had a really fun time. A member from the YSA ward in New Haven took us. Her name is Becky Perry and she is currently studying music at Yale. She is absolutely brilliant! New England is the coolest place ever, I'm telling you! 

              This week was filled with miracles. I've set a lot of goals for the New Year. My biggest one is to read The Book of Mormon in Spanish. I think it was Gordon B. Hinckley who promised that if we read the BOM in our mission language we will be fluent by the time we finish it, so I guess I'm holding him to his word! Haha no, but I have faith that this will help me A LOT in my Spanish. 

              I wanna challenge all you glorious people to set some good goals for yourselves this year. Let this year be one of change. We all have things that we can be better at (I could probably start acting my ago some time soon... Nah...), but I want to testify that IN THE STRENGTH OF THE LORD, WE CAN DO ALL THINGS. ALL THINGS! How cool is that?! The Church is true, my friends! I love you all! 

Hermana Webber 

Smile :) 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

                                         Christmas in New England

                                     Merry Christmas, everyone!!! 

          Wow, it's been such a wonderful week! I tell you, there is nothing better than celebrating Christmas while on a mission. You really feel the true spirit of Christmas, which is our Savior, JESUS! Man, I love Jesus! :) 

         So, the Massachusetts Boston Mission did something historical this week. As you all know (hopefully) my mission baptized 100 people last month. This month, on December 27, 2014, or on Friday, we had 97 RECENT CONVERTS attend to Boston Temple, where they were each baptized for one of their families members who is no longer living here on Earth. This was seriously the coolest thing I have ever participated in. Our recent convert, Rodrigo (darling 13 year old from Peru), was baptized for his two grandfathers. It was such a special moment to see him enter the temple and to emerge as a completely new person. 

          The goal for this month is to have 100 recent converts go to the temple with their own family names. On Tuesday, 20 more RC's are scheduled to enter the temple with own names. There is no doubt in my mind that we will accomplish our goal of 100. Actually, I know we are going to exceed that goal. That's just the culture of the Massachusetts Boston Mission, it seems... We set goals, and not only to we accomplish them, but we EXCEED. I love it here. I HAVE THE GREATEST MISSION ON THE PLANET!

         Okay, so here is a funny story that happened this week... Hermana Heileson and I went out to eat at this little restaurant called "La Mexicana" with a member, Bertha. We sat at our table and noticed a young man, asleep, at a nearby table. The waitress came in and woke him up. He was very drunk. He kept looking over at us, so I decided to say something to him (following the advice of my bro, Logan, in trying to talk to everyone). He ended up coming to sit with us and we ate dinner with this 25-year-old man named Diego. Even though he was super drunk, he told he wanted to learn about our church. We got his phone number and we are going to set up a teaching appointment with him soon.

         This taught me a really important lesson of being BRAVE! Everyone on this earth is in need of our message. Everyone needs to know that they are loved. It is my DUTY TO GOD to share with others what I know to be true, which is that we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly King. We were born into this earth so that we could grow and progress. We are meant to obtain eternal life. We are destined to live with God again, but it is left to choice. We must choose for ourselves the path we will follow. We must choose to help others along that path of happiness as well. I hope we can all be brave this coming new year. 

         No matter the person... Black or white, male or female, rich or poor, drunk or sober... It is our duty to invite ALL to come unto Christ. I hope we can all remember that as we ring in the new year. 

       I love you all very much! The Church is TRUE!!! Happy New Year, everyone! 

Hermana Webber
                                          The church building on Yale Campus... So cool!!

This is Hermano De La Cruz (from Peru) in Hannah's ward. He was in the Christmas skit for their ward party and he had to dress up like a Korean. He taped his eyes back so he would look Asian. So funny!!

Rodrigo's first time to the temple! :) This was such a historical day, filled with so many blessings and miracles!! 

Christopher and Jenny. This two are very special to Hannah. They are from Ecuador and they feed Hannah and her companion regularly. 

Sister Moss, Giselle, Dimtri, Elder Trujillo, Elder Montez, Rodrigo, and Hermana Heileson! And Hermana Webber of course!!

The greatest lady in the world, Hermana Maldenado! This woman is Hannah's second mom from Puerto Rico! 

Hermana Heilseon and Frei

Giselle (Rodrigo's older sister) annnnnd Elder Trujillo in the background.

Boston Skyline

The Boston Temple!! :)

Elevator Pic! The church on Yale Campus is so big that is has an elevator. Just saying. 

Hermana Webber's first time at the Boston Temple!!

Hannah's cute Christmas tree. Thanks Mom and Dad!! :)

Feliz Navidad!!

Hannah's favorite little girl in the world, Lindsey!! :)

President and Sister Packard with Hermana Webber at the mission Christmas Conference.

Christmas party with Sam(on the left), Hermana Heileson, and Saul, their YSA friends!! :)

Christmas Morning!!

"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, everyone!!"

Hannah's amazing bishop, Obispo Sanchez. He dressed up like Santa for the Christmas party.