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Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

                                         Christmas in New England

                                     Merry Christmas, everyone!!! 

          Wow, it's been such a wonderful week! I tell you, there is nothing better than celebrating Christmas while on a mission. You really feel the true spirit of Christmas, which is our Savior, JESUS! Man, I love Jesus! :) 

         So, the Massachusetts Boston Mission did something historical this week. As you all know (hopefully) my mission baptized 100 people last month. This month, on December 27, 2014, or on Friday, we had 97 RECENT CONVERTS attend to Boston Temple, where they were each baptized for one of their families members who is no longer living here on Earth. This was seriously the coolest thing I have ever participated in. Our recent convert, Rodrigo (darling 13 year old from Peru), was baptized for his two grandfathers. It was such a special moment to see him enter the temple and to emerge as a completely new person. 

          The goal for this month is to have 100 recent converts go to the temple with their own family names. On Tuesday, 20 more RC's are scheduled to enter the temple with own names. There is no doubt in my mind that we will accomplish our goal of 100. Actually, I know we are going to exceed that goal. That's just the culture of the Massachusetts Boston Mission, it seems... We set goals, and not only to we accomplish them, but we EXCEED. I love it here. I HAVE THE GREATEST MISSION ON THE PLANET!

         Okay, so here is a funny story that happened this week... Hermana Heileson and I went out to eat at this little restaurant called "La Mexicana" with a member, Bertha. We sat at our table and noticed a young man, asleep, at a nearby table. The waitress came in and woke him up. He was very drunk. He kept looking over at us, so I decided to say something to him (following the advice of my bro, Logan, in trying to talk to everyone). He ended up coming to sit with us and we ate dinner with this 25-year-old man named Diego. Even though he was super drunk, he told he wanted to learn about our church. We got his phone number and we are going to set up a teaching appointment with him soon.

         This taught me a really important lesson of being BRAVE! Everyone on this earth is in need of our message. Everyone needs to know that they are loved. It is my DUTY TO GOD to share with others what I know to be true, which is that we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly King. We were born into this earth so that we could grow and progress. We are meant to obtain eternal life. We are destined to live with God again, but it is left to choice. We must choose for ourselves the path we will follow. We must choose to help others along that path of happiness as well. I hope we can all be brave this coming new year. 

         No matter the person... Black or white, male or female, rich or poor, drunk or sober... It is our duty to invite ALL to come unto Christ. I hope we can all remember that as we ring in the new year. 

       I love you all very much! The Church is TRUE!!! Happy New Year, everyone! 

Hermana Webber
                                          The church building on Yale Campus... So cool!!

This is Hermano De La Cruz (from Peru) in Hannah's ward. He was in the Christmas skit for their ward party and he had to dress up like a Korean. He taped his eyes back so he would look Asian. So funny!!

Rodrigo's first time to the temple! :) This was such a historical day, filled with so many blessings and miracles!! 

Christopher and Jenny. This two are very special to Hannah. They are from Ecuador and they feed Hannah and her companion regularly. 

Sister Moss, Giselle, Dimtri, Elder Trujillo, Elder Montez, Rodrigo, and Hermana Heileson! And Hermana Webber of course!!

The greatest lady in the world, Hermana Maldenado! This woman is Hannah's second mom from Puerto Rico! 

Hermana Heilseon and Frei

Giselle (Rodrigo's older sister) annnnnd Elder Trujillo in the background.

Boston Skyline

The Boston Temple!! :)

Elevator Pic! The church on Yale Campus is so big that is has an elevator. Just saying. 

Hermana Webber's first time at the Boston Temple!!

Hannah's cute Christmas tree. Thanks Mom and Dad!! :)

Feliz Navidad!!

Hannah's favorite little girl in the world, Lindsey!! :)

President and Sister Packard with Hermana Webber at the mission Christmas Conference.

Christmas party with Sam(on the left), Hermana Heileson, and Saul, their YSA friends!! :)

Christmas Morning!!

"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, everyone!!"

Hannah's amazing bishop, Obispo Sanchez. He dressed up like Santa for the Christmas party. 

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