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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Connecticut!!

Family and friends,

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have had so many special experiences! I cannot share them all, but I will tell you about my mission family... 

We, The Massachusetts Boston Mission, are a family. We are united. We are one. WE ARE ZION!

I truly have the greatest mission president. He and his family are so funny! We had a big Christmas party and they rapped for us. It was quite hilarious. I feel so much gratitude to be blessed with such caring, spiritual people to be led by. 

My ward family, The Bridgeport Spanish Ward, is the same. This Sunday, we had a huge party with the ward, and during the party, our bishop dressed up like Santa Clause. It was the greatest thing I have ever seen. He invited people up from each country (Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, The Dominican Republic, USA, Peru, etc.) and asked them all to say, "Ho, Ho, Ho" from our country. As each new country was introduced, I though about how, as missionaries, we aren't called to a place. We are called to A PEOPLE. And then I thought, "Isn't it wonderful that I have been called to people from all over the world?" This week we skyped with a man from Japan and taught him a little about the Church. We have skype appointments with two men from Turkey, and I have been writing a girl from The Philippines. It's amazing that I have been given this opportunity. I would not trade it for anything. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! I love you all. Remember, JESUS LOVES YOU! 

Love, Hermana Webber

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