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Sunday, January 18, 2015



         This week, I realized that I have become a part of Zion here on earth today. I know I've been babbling on about this topic of "Zion" for a while, but it's honestly a concept that I'd never really considered before I came to New England. I felt prompted to write about it this week!

         In Mosiah 18, Alma builds up Christ's church on the earth. These people worked together with one goal, one heart, and one mind to build up God's kingdom on the earth. There was nothing but love and support amongst them. This is one of the first example in the church's history of Zion. 

        The second best example I can think of when I try to understand this concept is that of the Mormon pioneers. These people went through inhumane circumstances: Starvation, frostbite, angry mobs, opposition of all kinds, but just like Alma's people, they pressed forward, loving and lifting one another up, to further establish Christ's true church on the earth today. 

        The Massachusetts Boston Mission, I've discovered, is Zion on the earth today. In my short time here, I have yet to hear any missionary utter even one negative word about our mission. There is a love here that you can almost taste in the air. We are completely and totally united in the goal of bringing others back to the fold, or in inviting all people to come to Christ. 

        At the head of our MBM family, we have President and Sister Packard, who dedicate all they physically, mentally and emotionally have to this incredible work. They love and care for each of the missionaries individually. 

        As we all face trials and challenges here in New England, we encourage one another and serve one another each chance we get. And even though this mission is really hard in the fact that people here aren't always super receptive to the gospel, I am so grateful to be able to march on as the MBM. We really are as the army of Helaman. 

       I challenge you all to establish Zion in your lives, wherever you may be! With your families, your ward families, with your teams, clubs, or any other organizations. I know that when we are dedicated to the same cause, The Lord provides a way for us to accomplish anything! 

       I love you all! The church is true!!!

                                    Hermana Webber

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