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Sunday, January 25, 2015



Hey, cool cats of the world. This is Hermana Webber, reporting to you live from Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

Now that I´m done being a weirdo, I just wanted to share with you all a couple of awesome experiences we had this week! Each week that goes by just gets better and better! 

So, this week, Sister Heileson and I were SUPER busy! We had so many people to visit in such little time, but we made it work. Last week, she and I decided we were going to make a few personal sacrifices to God. We know that as we sacrifice of ourselves, this work will progress more rapidly, more effectively and with more love. Last Monday, I gave up something REALLY important to me. This was really hard for me to do, but I just want to share the immediate blessings that followed as Sister Heileson and I have tried to more fully focus our minds on this amazing work. 

This week, Sister Heileson and I picked up EIGHT New Investigators! This is a HUGE blessing, seeing as in my first transfer here we didn´t find any. I know that this was an answer from God telling us that as we dedicate our whole selves to our mission, He will guide us through it. 

One of the new investigators we found was found through DIVINE INSPIRATION from The Holy Ghost. This is a really amazing story, actually, because one of our appointments cancelled on us on Tuesday night. We called a member in our ward, Jose De La Cruz (he´s the best), and asked him if he could think of anyone in our ward that we should try visiting. He immediately told us of a family he´d been thinking of and that he would meet us at their house. We got there and they weren´t home, so we called them. Turns out, they were down the street at the restaurant that they own where we eat at frequently. They told us to come over, so we did and we visited with them! One of the member´s sister was there, who is less-active right now, and he told us that he didn´t know if it was a coincidence that we came to visit them that night or what, but he was glad that we had come and he encouraged us to ask his sister if we could come visit her at her house (I can assure you all, it was NOT a coincidence). :) 

His sister was totally cool with us coming over, and when we visited her a few days later, her daughter was there. Her daughter is not a member and she ended up opening up to us about her life story, pretty much. She told us about some really hard things she´d been going through, especially at the beginning of this new year, and how she would pray to God for help, and He would never give her answers. 

I told her about how Jose De La Cruz was inspired to visit her family a few days before, and that is how we ended up at her house. I told her that I knew God had sent us to her as an answer to her prayers. Sister Heileson shared an inspired scripture with her, and we asked if we could come back to teach her more about our church and she accepted! I was absolutely amazed by how when we follow the promptings of The Holy Spirit, God blesses our lives! 

I just want to testify that as we let go of things that aren´t of importance to God, we more fully allow the influence of The Holy Ghost to direct us in our lives. I know we received those promptings because of the things we´d sacrificed this week. I testify that our God is a God of miracles, and that through him, NOTHING is impossible. I challenge you all to find something in your life that you can sacrifice to Heavenly Father. Something big. Keep in mind the sacrifice of our perfect, loving, beautiful brother, Jesus Christ. He sacrificed EVERYTHING - His prefect life - for US... Imperfect, flawed, humans... What can WE sacrifice for Him, who is without flaw?

I love you all! I hope you are all safe and well. May The Lord bless you as you give of yourselves. 

Hermana Webber

The Pie-Cake Hermana Webber and Hermana Heileson made for their District Leader, Elder Dahl, for his Birthday! 

Throwback to a couple of weeks ago when they went to the Temple with Sam!! :)

Hannah thought this picture was just hilarious!

This is their "Zion" bedroom. They moved all the beds in one room because they love each other so much! 

Thanks for the cute, new dresses, Mom! 

Hermana Heileson's missionary tag broke in half when she sat on it...

...So Hannah is letting her use one of hers! :)

The best picture of all time! 

Hermana Webber and Hermana Heileson! :)

Hashtag 'Merica! Hannah loves serving in the States!! :)

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