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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It has been the coolest week ever! And by coolest, I mean COLDEST!!!
*Please take a moment to appreciate my humor*
So, last Tuesday, we were SNOWED IN! 
All. Day. 
Storm "Juno" hit the New England area pretty hard. You'd think that would put a bit of a damper on missionary work, right? 
Well, think again!
Sister Hanson (one of the sisters we share an apartment with) and I decided to visit some people in our apartment building to pass the time. We ended up finding 4 New Investigators and setting 2 baptismal dates! I couldn't believe it! It just goes to show that rain or shine, day or night, sleet or snow... THE WORK NEVER STOPSThis was just one of many tender mercies we saw this week from our dear Heavenly Father. 
Today, we are in the Trumbull chapel, here in Connecticut. It's snowing wildly and we probably won't be able to leave for a few hours. New England winters are crazy! We couldn't park in the chapel parking lot because there was a good two feet of snow covering it, so we had to park across the street in a mall parking lot and walk over. Unfortunately, I chose a really bad day to wear sandals... My feet were frozen and it made me wonder, "How did the pioneers do this?!?!" 
But I think the same concept that I talked about earlier applies to the pioneers and what they went through... THE WORK NEVER STOPS!!!
When typhoon Yolanda hit The Philippines, did the missionaries give up?? No! They are still there! Sara, among them, pushing, working and laboring to invite as many souls to come to Christ as they can! THE WORK NEVER STOPS! 
When Jesus Christ suffered for us in Gethsemane... When He experienced pain so excruciating that it cause Him to sweat drops of blood from each pore... Did He turn his back on us? Did He give in to the pain that we as weak, mortal humans will never even be able to comprehend? Did he stop? 
The work never stops. 

This week, Sister Heileson and I visited a member of our ward in the hospital and we sang to her a song... It's called, "Soplando Vida" which means, "Breathing Life."
It goes like this:
"Quiero vivir alla donde hay una casa en las montanas... 
Cerquito de cielo
Cequito de Dios
Qiero vivir alla donde el aire es puro y sano
Donde puedo respirar el mismo sol
Pero todavia no, no...
Y aqui estoy en este valle de huesos
Estoy soplando vida y aliento aqui estoy
En este valle tan disierto, tan sediento de tu amor
Aqui estoy."

"I want to live where there is a house in the mountains
Close to Heaven
Close to God
I want to live where the air is pure and clean
Where I can breathe the same sun
but not yet, no. 
And here I am in this valley of bones
Here I am, breathing life and encouragement, here I am
In this valley life a desert, thirsting for Your love
Here I am."

I know I've said it a million times so far, but I know that this work that we call being a missionary really will never stop... Not until the day comes when this message of Christ's true church has sounded in every ear and been proclaimed to every nation... We still have a long way to go... 
There will come a day, however, when our church has spread through every corner of every continent on this earth, and God will be the one to proclaim, "The work is done." 
And at this day, we will be able to leave this valley of bones like desert that we call earth to return to live with our Father in Heaven. 
But until then, here we are.
The work never stops.

I love you all!!!

Hna. Webber

                        BEAUTIFUL SISTERS!! We love Hermana Webber and Hermana Heileson!! :)

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