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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miracles, Laughter, and LOVE

Buenos dias, mis amigos! 
Estoy muy feliz para escribirles! :) 

It's been such a hilarious week! Filled with miracles, laughter and lots of love! 
I guess I can start off with our sleep over in the church... We felt kind of bad about it, but we were totally safe, warm, and we even had some food. It was great and we had a lot of fun. I took some pictures, but I'll have to send those next week. 

We picked up another new investigator this week! We've also been inviting lots of people to be baptized. They haven't accepted, though... Yet :) 

So, yesterday was probably one of my favorite days in my mission so far! We had church and then we went over to the De La Cruz's house to help them get ready for their daughter's baptism. Her name is Valentina and she just turned 8 on Saturday. I love this family SO MUCH (I'll be sending pictures of them next week). They are very special people. Jose and Yssenia are her parents and they invited us over to show us how to make Colombian empanadas! It was so much fun and Yssenia makes the best empanadas in the world! 
Afterwards, Sister Heileson and I went to the church to fill up the font and get things ready for the baptism. We made sure to get there 2 and 1/2 hours early to make sure it would fill in time, but as the baptism rolled around, it wasn't filling fast enough, so Sisters Tantillo and Hanson (our lovely Sister Training Leaders and roommates) came and we found some coolers and started filling them up in the showers and dumping them into the font. It was absolutely hilarious because we got SUPER wet, and we were just laughing and trying to hurry. 
Well, Jose ended up inviting like a million people to the baptism. There were probably about as many people there as there usually is at sacrament meeting! A few of our investigators came, which was really great, and Jose invited a few non-member families, whose numbers we got and are planning on visiting soon. :) 

I'm telling you, when you have members like Jose and Yssenia (among many others in our ward... our ward is incredible) who are willing to help you out with missionary work, it makes all the difference! 

Valentina's baptism was beautiful and you could feel the spirit really strongly, especially for how many people were there! We gave her a blanket and told her that The Holy Ghost is just like it... It gives us warmth and protection. Apparently that's only a Utah thing because my companion and roommates had never heard of giving someone a blanket at a baptism ahahah I just thought that was funny. 

Anyways, I am loving every moment here in my mission in New England! I really believe that God is hastening His work here and that it is a sacred place to be serving. I have the privilege and blessing of getting to work with some of God's elect people. I feel truly blessed to get to wake up every morning and know that I will spend a day serving my Heavenly Father. What better way can we live life?

I love you all and I want to testify that this church is Christ's church on the earth today! It's exactly the same as the church he established when he lived here on earth. We are so blessed to have this knowledge of the truth in our lives and to be able to share it with others! 

Hna. Webber

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