Massachusetts Boston Mission

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Called to Serve

Man, New England is flippin' cold. 
This week was amazing on so many different levels! 
I don't even know where to begin! We've had so many miracles here in Bridgeport. 
I've also realized something really enlightening. 
I have not been called to serve in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. 
Well, literally I have been, but spiritually? No. 

I have been called to certain PEOPLE. 
I have been called to Sister Heileson. 
To President and Sister Packard. 
To Sister Riggs
To Sister Buttars
To Sisters Tantillo & Hanson
To Elders Dahl & Waters
Elder & Sister Pack
The Sanchez Family, The Maldonado Family, The Flores Family, Nelson, Luis, Ana, Gloria, The De La Merced's, Julio, Evangelina, Soledad, Sugey, Jose, Anita, Narcizo, Yssenia, Luz, Maria, Rosa, Leo, Gabriel, Hno Falcon, Dani, Lindsey, Rocio, Milena, Ricardo, Rodrigo, Lucia, The Cartagena's, The Figueroa's, Carmen, Hno. Toledo, Jenny, Christopher, The Remosco's, The Perez's, Valentina, Maggie, Estabon, etc., etc., etc...

Even though these names probably won't mean much to you all, THEY ARE MY CALLING!
This is why I am here. 
I think it's really interesting that we don't choose our mission calls. It's a rare time in life when we give total control to The Lord. And I know, without a doubt, that I am exactly where I need to be when I am with these people. They always say, "It's not about where you go. It's about who you're with."
I testify of that truth. I have been called to serve the greatest people in the world, and I happen to be doing it in New England. 

We are seeing so much success! Not only in our physical area, but in our digital area too! We set a baptismal date with a man from France this week! I am going to copy and paste what I sent to my father about this experience:

"I met a man named Jaouad, a Moroccan from France, on this website called interpals and we have been trying to skype each other for like a month. We haven't been able to, though, because of various reasons (a big one being STUPID SNOW STORMS!!! hahaha). Anyways, this Thursday we FINALLY got to skype him!!! and guess what! We asked him if he would be baptized on March 28th if he received the answer that this church is true... and he said YES!!!! So we set a date with a man from France. How cool is that?!?!! He gave us his address and we were planning on sending missionaries to his house sometime this week, but I had a feeling we should try to figure it out today!

So, We looked up Jaouad's address in and found out what ward he is in where he lives (Amiens, France). We gave the address to the digital mission Zone Leaders and they gave us the number of the branch president there. Apparently the branch president's name is Christian Guy Billiotel. Hahaha oh my goodness. 
So, we call the branch president from a skype account that our mission has set up with credits on it so that we can call people from all over the world! We called the president and he didn't speak a lick of English. 
I told Sister Heileson, "PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF TONGUES!"
So, I tried to tell him we are missionaries in some weird, made up French language (I don't know any French) and he understood me! I don't know how because I don't speak French!!!! hahaha so he started rambling on in French and we pulled up google translate on our computer and we were putting stuff in and it would translate it and then I would read whatever it said in my best French accent. Hahaha I don't know how to read French either. 
He understood us and told us he would give us the missionaries' phone number in his area. Then he started telling us the number and we couldn't understand the french numbers, so he had to say it like twenty times, but we finally understood and we called the missionaries! They were both from Utah, Elder Barber and Elder Player! Hahah we told them we had someone for them to teach in their area with a baptismal date and they were just like.... "WHAT?! That's amazing!!!" hahahaha oh my goodness, I am still laughing about it! So, we are going to skype with Jaouad tomorrow and figure out a time when the missionaries can go to his house. We are probably going to skype with them while they are there and help them teach The Plan of Salvation."


I am still cracking up about what just happened. 
We have so many funny experiences here! 

We are braving the subzero temperatures here in Connecticut. It's FREEZING out there, but it's cool how, even despite the bitter cold, we can feel the warmth of The Holy Ghost with us wherever we go. 

I am so grateful for this chance to be serving a mission! There is nowhere in the world I would rather be! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Webber

There's SO MUCH SNOW!! They have close to 4 feet!! 

Yummy cookies the sisters made to keep from starving after they were snowed in at the church! 

Girls night at the church while being snowed in!! 

Sweet little Ana Eastmond

Jose and Yessenia taught the sisters how to make Empandas! YUM!



Valentina's Baptism! 

The font wasn't filling fast enough so they improvised!! 

"The most wonderful sound I ever heard is the sound of water running in the church"

The BEAUTIFUL De La Cruz family

The sisters love Valentina so much and they had the opportunity to teach her all the lessons before her baptism!! 

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