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Monday, March 9, 2015

All is well in Zion

Yo no puedo creer que estoy 4 meses en mi mision! 

The past 4 months have been the most challenging, rewarding times in my entire life. I have loved, learned and grown so much. 

This week has been full of changes! I said goodbye to my wonderful trainer, Sister Heileson, who has just been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader in Boston! She was an amazing trainer and I learned a lot from her. The MBM also lost one of my all-time favorite missionaries ever, Sister Tantillo! She has been one of my roommates for the past 3 months and helped me SO MUCH in my first two transfers. She finished her mission this week and returned honorably to Washington! I will miss her so much! 

I received a new companion!!! Her name is Hermana De Leon and she is HILARIOUS. I love everything about her. She is from Guatemala and she is a total crack-up. She teases me a lot and always makes really funny, high-pitched noises. She was baptized just two years ago and she has one of the strongest testimonies of The Book of Mormon I have ever heard. I love her very much and we've already done some really great work together! 

This week, we found another man from France in the digital mission, who told us he wants to be baptized! We hooked him up with the missionaries in Paris, who are going over to his house on Friday. His name is Louis! I love the Digital Mission! It's honestly an incredible experience. 

Three days ago, one of our members, Hermana Maldonado, brought us to her friend Janet's house. She told us she had felt a prompting that we should visit her. We taught her The Restoration and invited her to be baptized on March 28th, to which she replied YES! We were so happy and excited! She is from Cuba and she is SO sweet. When she talks to me, she says, "Mi Amor," which means, "My Love" in Spanish. Man, I love the Hispanic people. They are so special! 

I've recently been reading the Isaiah chapters quoted in The Book of Mormon. I LOVE the scripture that says, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvaltion; that saith unto Zion, They God reigneth!" I've realized that this scripture is talking about us! We are those who are publishing peace! We have a message of everlasting joy and happiness to share with the world. And I can testify that these past 4 months have truly been the most beautiful in my life, just like the scripture says. How beautiful upon the mountains, rocks, hills, desert, streets, sidewalks are the feet of those who share this glad message! The message of Christ's restored, perfect church. The message of eternal life. The message of LOVE. 

Hermana Webber
All is well in Zion

Cute Sisters!!

This is AWKWARD...

Sister Tantillo, Hermana Webber's HERO!!

Bridgeport, Hannah's FAVORITE place!! 

Cute Hermana De Leon


The sisters found some awesome graffiti in one of the sketchiest parts of the city #daredevils

Hannah loves target ;)

It's good to have an OPEN MIND :)

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  1. My Hannah Banana! How I love that scripture. One of my faves! Yo te quiero mucho!!!!!!!!