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Monday, February 29, 2016

Specific Prayers

Wow. I will never forget this week. One of the best of my mission. 

We had exchanges with the Portuguese sisters, Sister Couto and Sister Capece, and I spent the day with an African goddess. Hahaha She is from Mozambique! We had a great day together. Some of our appointments fell through, but the Holy Spirit led us to the home of Oscar Monterroso, who was baptized as a member of the church when he was 12 years old in Guatemala, but since coming to the USA (nearly 20 years ago), has never gone to church. He's not on any of the our records, we just decided to knock on his door. The Lord truly guides His servants. He told us to call him and that we could come visit him. 

Well, the next day we had a SPECIAL MLC. Two men from the board of proselyting in Salt Lake City came to visit our mission and train the leaders, Brother Hemmingway & Brother Donaldson. They are MASTER teachers. It was super cool because ALL the power was out in the Weston chapel where we met, and they'd planned on showing us lots of videos/presentations/etc. but instead, we all ended up in the Relief Society room (which was the best sunlit room in the building) and we discussed, learned and were trained. What we learned was 100% led by His Spirit. I'm so grateful the power didn't work that day! 

They taught us SO many things. My big take away was to truly let God do His work through me. I often get in His way, but I am working on letting the Holy Spirit guide. 

After our special meeting on Thursday, Hermana Hafen and I decided to put to practice what we'd learned. They'd taught us a lot about finding the Lord's "elect," and if you want to find the people who are truly prepared to receive the gospel, you've gotta ask the Lord to lead you to them. Be SPECIFIC. 

On Thursday night, as we planned out our day, we sought guidance on what to do between the hours of 5-7. As we prayed, a very strong impression came to me that we should go visit Oscar, the man I'd met on exchanges with Sister Capece. We penciled it in and went to bed. 

Friday morning, Hermana Hafen and I decided we were going to be REALLY specific with the Lord. We prayed and asked Him to lead us to a family with two children, and a father who has a job. 

Miraculously, we found TWO families. 

We'd gone to visit a recent convert (14 year old Frederick from Guatemala), but his mom wasn't home, so we couldn't go inside. We asked him if he wanted to come knock on the door across the street from his house with us. He agreed because he's great, and we ended up finding Jill, Antonio, and Anaya, an ADORABLE little family Jill LOVES Jesus Christ and teaches he TWO kids all about him. He husband owns two companies. We taught them the first lesson, gave them all Books of Mormon, and they invited to come and teach them more. 


Then, that night, we went and visited Oscar, as we'd planned. We discovered he has a wife and together, they have four sons, none of whom know about the church. Oscar also has a job... We taught them how to pray and set up another appointment for tomorrow


If you ask him a specific question, He will give you a specific answer. 

I love the Lord. 
It breaks my heart to know I only have 2 months left as a full time missionary. 
I will live the rest of my live as His disciple. 
I love you all! 
God guides this work. 
It's HIS work. 


Hermana Webber

Then, that night, we went

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