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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hannah's LAST week in the Mexico MTC!! Boston here we come!!

Hey, friends! 

It is officially my last week here in the CCM. I cannot believe that in 7 days from now I will be out in the field... I am excited, nervous, scared, happy and so full of love! It is going to be hard to leave the CCM behind. I have made so many wonderful friends here and my district is absolutely incredible, but I guess missions were never meant to be easy, now were they?

Alright, the coolest thing happened this week! My companion and I decided to go to the tienda (the CCM store) because I really needed to buy a notebook, but we went during classtime, which we never do. We got to the store and there was this little family there buying some treats for the kids who were super little and absolutely ADORABLE. I started talking to the father, whose name is Renato, and I was telling him how beautiful his little family was. They were just visiting the CCM because his brother works here as a doctor for the missionaries. He asked me where I would be serving and I told him Boston. He then told me that his cousin lives there and she is not a member! He gave me his email address so I could email him today and get the address of his cousin! Our first official reference! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways. 

On Sunday night, all I could think about was Sara, and I hoped and prayed so hard that she could have a happy birthday. I haven´t heard from her much since I have been here, but I try to write her every week. I think it would be so cool if she could come and be my companion in Boston for a bit before she returns home... We´ll see!

My zone is so much fun. We have Family Home Evening each week and last night we played this super goofy game of "who know their companion better." I lost. I went pretty easy on my companion, though, I have to say. 

Last Wednesday, my companion and I had a prayer answered within five minutes of saying it. We hadn´t had a very good morning, and we were both feeling pretty down. We went to lunch and things weren´t looking any better afterwards. I think it was partially because of our attitudes, but Hermana Riggs sort of hit a breaking point and she had to run to the bathroom because she had started to cry. I followed her (of course) and after she came out of the stall, I asked her to say a prayer with me. We bowed our heads right there in the bathroom and asked God to comfort us. We went back to our classroom and there was a letter waiting there from Hermana Riggs´ mom. In the letter, her mom had written, "Kaitlyn (Hermana Riggs) can do hard things, and so can I." Of course this made Hermana cry even harder, but we both knew that this was a direct answer to our prayer from our loving, eternal Heavenly Father. He really does listen, and more importantly, he ALWAYS answers. 

My goal this week, as I finish my training here in Mexico, is to memorize one scripture each day. It is crazy to look back at the short time I have been here, and how fast it´s gone. I have experienced so much, and felt the love of Heavenly Father and His Son so strongly. I know that within 7 days, I will be ready to head out into the field, for the field really is white, and it is ready to harvest, and I am preparing to participate in the most marvelous work known to man. Jesus] Christ once asked his apostle, Paul, "Do you love me?" and of course he answered, "Yes," but again, Jesus again asked, twice more, "Do you love me? More than you love your fish and nets?" and each time, sweet Paul gave the same answer, "Yes, I love you more than anything." and Jesus told him, "If ye love me, FEED MY SHEEP." 

So, let us all get out there and participate in this work; of feeding Christ´s sheep, of sharing the TRUE gospel, and of inviting others to COME TO HIM. I love you all! I am BOSTON BOUND. :)

Hermana Webber
                                      Hermana Webber and Hermana Riggs LOVE PDAY!!! 

                One of Hannah's amazing friends from Hawaii- Hermana Santiago

                     "Mis Amigas Mexicanas" (My mexican friends) -Hermana Webber

                                                  "Chokis" - Chips Ahoy on steroids...sooo good!!

         Hannah's branch president's family. Presidente Rodriguez brought his family to their sacrament meeting where he ordained his oldest son, Yael, with the Aaronic Priesthood. She said it was so special.

 Hermana Webber and Hermana Riggs with two of their missionary friends who left for the mission field this week.

Two random Elders who wanted a picture for no apparent reason! 

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