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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week number 3 in Mexico! 3 down 3 to go!


Another week gone by here in Mexico. It is very surreal knowing that I am halfway done with my experience here and I will soon be in BOSTON!!!

I truly believe I have the greatest mission in the world! I received a mission from them today. No one else in my district has heard from their mission, but there is a kid here who lives in the Boston mission and he told us all about it. He said our president is AMAZING! From Texas with a thick southern drawal, cracks jokes all the time, patient and understanding... I can´t wait to meet him! There is nowhere I would rather be and there is nowhere I would rather be headed.

This week, Hermana Riggs and I taught 15th (mas o menos) lesson with our investigator Ramiro. He has been struggling with receiving a an answer to his prayers. In our lesson, he told us that while he prays, he feels peace and happy thoughts, but once he finished praying he starts to have really confusing and negative thoughts and he didn´t know what it all meant. Hermana Riggs, and I believe this was divine inspiration, showed Ramiro Joseph Smith History, the first vision. She talked to him about when Joseph was "ceased upon by an unseen force." We told him that Satan, at that moment, did NOT want Joseph to receive an answer. He tried everything to keep Joseph from the truth. 

We told Ramiro that Satan also doesn´t want him to receive an answer. We said, "He will do anything in his power to keep you from knowing that this church is TRUE." It was amazing that Hermana Riggs was able to follow the promptings of The Spirit to give him such a great answer to his problem. 

Right at that moment, when we were testifying of The Church and its truthfulness, Ramiro pointed behind us and we turned to see a HUGE, beautiful rainbow in the sky (we had been teaching outside and it was raining during our entire lesson!). I turned back to Ramiro and said my (in my imperfect Spanish), "Ramiro, that is a sign from our Heavenly Father that our message to you really is true!" I had goosebumps and I could feel the presence of The Holy Ghost so strongly. I really do believe that Heavenly Father sent that rain, and in turn, sent that rainbow. 

I hope you can all have your testimonies of the truthfulness of this gospel, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, strengthened in your lives. I testify that God DOES hear us when we pray to him. I testify that if we can give specific, sincrere prayers to our loving Heavenly Father, that we WILL receive answers. 

I love you all! WE are all missionaries of Jesus Christ. Each day as we show loves to others, help others, and develop Christlike attributes, we are acting as instruments in the hands of GOD. Remember this. 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Siempre (Always),
Hermana Hannah Banana Webber

"Venid a Mi" or "Come to Me."

Some of Hermana Webber's and Hermana Riggs' friends who recently departed to the mission field. 

Some of Hannah's favorite Elders who would say to the two "Hello, SEESTERS!!"

Hermana Webber standing in The "Forbidden Forest" at the Mexico MTC!

The new sisters in Hannah's zone. Hermana Santiago(her cousin is serving in the Philippines!) and Hermana Oliver. Aren't they beautiful? 

"Standing as Witness of God at all times, in all things, in all places." The two missionaries in the middle recently left for their missions. 

                  The word "BOSTON" written on a ground near a classroom. The church is true!!

Hermana Webber and Hermana Riggs basking in each others awkwardness. 

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