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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Make Me Whole

This week was special on many different levels. I learned a lot and I grew a lot and I know I am better today than I was last Monday because of it. 

Well, to start off, we found three new investigators this week! Giovanni, Jaime, and Osman! We found Jaime and Osman while doing some personal contacting, so that was really exciting! Jaime came to stake conference and I think he really enjoyed it! God really is hastening His work here in New England. 

Hermana De Leon and I are working really well together. We have so much fun together too. You know that song from Charlie Brown? It's the Christmas song, and it's only piano music? Sometimes, we like to turn that on in the car and dance to it. It's probably really hilarious because it's definitely not the type of song one would dance to, but we have fun and that's all that matters! 

Well, the coolest experience of my week was definitely when I had the chance to perform a solo at a mission fireside. President Packard came with a special presentation about "What the world knows because of Joseph Smith." He is an INCREDIBLE speaker, and I learned so much from his words. It was a really special meeting and there were members, investigators, and missionaries from all over the state of Connecticut. 

The song I was asked to sing is, "Make Me Whole" from The Lamb of God. My amazing roommate, Sister Smith, accompanied me on the flute, and Sister Rowley played the piano. There is a really talented Elder in my mission called Elder Nelson. He is basically a pro opera singer. He helped me out with the song a little bit. The night before the fireside, he told me to come up with a story in my mind and then live it... So, the story I came up with was pretty simple. As I sang, I pictured myself being transformed. I was literally begging God to make me whole, the way He is whole. I asked Him to transform my eyes, so that I might see clearly. Not only physically, but spiritually. I asked Him to transform my ears, so that I would be able to decipher right from wrong. Goodness from the bad. Lastly, I asked Him to transform my lips, that I might sing songs of praises of Him for the rest of my life. I pleaded with Him to help me perform this song by The Spirit of The Holy Ghost. And I KNOW that as I sang, The Spirit testified to the congregation of my testimony. And that the things President Packard had taught were true. 

Here are the beautiful lyrics:

"Touch my eyes and bid them see
That my gaze might pierce the veil
And behold the wondrous scene
That in dreams I've long beheld.
Oh, touch my heart and bid it know
That every sorrow here, is but a moment's tear
And though wilt make me whole, again. 

"Touch my ears and bid them hear
All the glory of thy truth
That my hope might come of faith
And no more require proof
Oh, touch my heart and bid it know 
That while in darkness here, The Light is ever near, 
And thou wilt make me whole, again.

"Then, touch my lips and bid them sing
Songs of everlasting praise
That my soul might then believe 
And give thanks through all my days
Oh, tough my heart and bid it know
That every breath I take is by thy tender grace
And thou wilt make me whole,
Oh, thou wilt make me whole...
Oh, thou wilt make me whole, again."

It was really cool to hear my voice physically strengthened as I sang that last verse. I know that, as the song says, God touched my lips so that I could sing that song for Him. And I know I was an instrument in His hands for a moment. There is no better feeling than bearing your testimony through song. A senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Foote, came up to me after the meeting and told me that they had brought an investigator, and during the song, she broke down crying. She decided to set a baptismal date that night at the fireside. :) It was a very spiritual experience for me. 

Natalie, one of our investigators, came too! I love her so much. She is progressing so much and learning more and more every day. I am very proud of her. 

We had some sister stay the weekend with us. They are the PVC Sisters. They travel throughout our mission (which is made up of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and parts of New York and Vermont), and they set up a Portable Visitors' Center at the firesides and stake conferences. They give tours to people and it's soooo cool what they get to do! I took a picture of one of them. Her name is Sister Couto and she is from Brazil. I think she looks exactly like Antonio's girlfriend, Sara! 

Anyways, all is doing very well here in the mish. I am still learning and growing and I have a LONG ways to go before The Lord will have made me completely whole. But, as a I said before, I know that I am a little more filled with His Spirit than I was yesterday. And I know I will be able to say the same for tomorrow. I love you all! 

Hermana Webber


Sisters Hanson, Smith, Merkley, Cuoto, De Leon, and Webber!! :) 

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