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Sunday, March 29, 2015

More funny pictures! :)

Apparently there are some Jehovah's Witnesses in Hermana Webber and Hermana De Leon's apartment. They have this shelf in the laundry room where they placed a Book of Mormon for anyone who got bored doing laundry to pick up and read. The other day, they came in and saw that someone had moved the Book of Mormon to the bottom shelf, and had placed a bunch of Jehovah's Witness pamphlets on the other shelves. So the two went and got a bunch of the lds pamphlets and pass along cards and books of mormon and put them on the shelves. "Please note how our stuff is on top, because the our church is the TRUTH! hahahah I just thought this was really funny. It's like a silent religious feud." -Hermana Webber

A HILARIOUS picture from the lovely Hermana Webber and Hermana De Leon

These two are AMAZING!! :)

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