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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cut Me Down To Build Me Up

Hey, everyone! 

This week was so up and down! On Monday/Tuesday we found FIVE new investigators! We were super excited and ready to go for the rest of the week, and on Wednesday, we went on exchanges with our English sisters. I spent the day with Sister Chadwick and we decided we were going to commit to being exactly obedient! We read through the missionary handbook and wrote down any of the rules that we aren't fully committed to keeping, and committed to change and become more consecrated to our Heavenly Father. It was so special and it's been so much fun to be doing exactly what God has asked me to do here. Sister Chadwick is great and we've been following up with each other to hold each other accountable.

 On Thursday, we met the new elder who we'll be working with this transfer. His name is Elder Villar. He's from Chile and he's hilarious! We always quote Miranda Sings together and it's so much fun! Then, on Friday/Saturday, EVERY one of our appointments cancelled... 

But it's okay because we had NINE investigators come to church on Sunday!!! I know that was a combination of hard work and PRAYER (mostly prayer). We were so happy and it was probably the smoothest day of church I've had here in Boston so far. I just felt so grateful that our people were able to make it and feel the sweet Spirit at church. :) 

It's been a really wonderful week and I've been humbled in so many ways. I know sometimes The Lord has to cut us down so that we may be humble, and then in return, he always builds us back up to be better than we were before. I love him for that. 

God is good, my friends. :) 

I hope you're all doing really well! I love and miss you and pray for you all! 

Hermana Webber

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