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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Lower Lights

"Brightly beams our father's mercy
From His lighthouse ever more,
But to us He gives the keeping
Off the lights upon the shore...
Let the lower lights be burning, 
Send a gleam across the way.
Some poor fainting, struggling sea-man,
You may rescue, you may save."

So, I finally realized what the heck this song is talking about!

 WE are the lower lights! The lower lights are a series of lights along a shore that guide ships to the harbor when they can't see the higher lights coming from a lighthouse! If Christ is the light shining from a lighthouse, then that would make us the ones who guide others, along the way, to him! WE are the lower lights! We can guide people to safety, wee can rescue, and we can save!

 Hermana Bybee and I sang this hymn in sacrament meeting yesterday. The lyrics are better in Spanish, jaja, and I felt the Spirit burning in my chest as we sang to our branch about missionary work. :) This branch is gonna be a WARD soon! I just know it!

Speaking of saving, our investigator, Edward Tapia, was BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!

It was the smoothest, most spirit-filled baptism I've ever witnessed. Edward is the most golden investigator I've ever had the privilege of teaching, and it's been such a joy to witness his conversion over the past month.He texted us the night before his baptism and said, "Is there anything I should study on my last night as an investigator??" Man, what a champ!!!

 He truly has been converted to this gospel, which means SO much more than just a baptism...

Edward's been coming out with us almost every day this week to help us teach, and he invited a bunch of non-members to his baptism. He's such a great missionary! He brought one of his best friends to church yesterday and she stayed for the baptism. Afterwards, he ran up to Hermana Bybee and I and said, "I gave her a Book of Mormon! I accomplished your challenge! Does that count as a new investigator??" 

This kid is gonna bring so many souls unto Christ! 

If only everyone realized the joy you receive in sharing the Gospel, no one in this church would ever go astray. That is probably the most important thing we can do as members of this church; SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! :)

In other news, Hermana Bybee and I picked up a beautiful family of investigators this week. The Gonzalez family. I LOVE them! Pray for them, please! :) 

Well, my thoughts are also turned to Ryan Tomac today as I heard about the news... Ya know, he was a lower light too... He was such an INCREDIBLE leader in our community and at THS... I love him and I hope his family is doing well. Don't ever doubt the power of prayer!!! Pray for them too!!! 

I love you all!!! I love being a missionary. I know the Lord is counting on us to guide his children safely home to Him. Let's GOOOOO!!! :) 

Love,Hermana Hannah Webber

Ramon and Juana at the temple!! :)

Free Mason Temple :)

Recent Convert Temple Day!!!

Soccer in the morning in BOSTON!!!


Downtown Boston with the BEST investigator in the world! Edward!!!

So, the incredible sisters in our zone decided to surprise us with a "Week of being nice to the STL's"

It started off with them breaking into our apartment and heart-attacking us!

Dinner at Edwards! 

They surprised us with a special lunch after district meeting! 
The beautiful BOSTON sisters!!! I love serving here because I get to serve with the greatest people on earth!

Here we have the Boston English sisters, the Portugese Sisters, the Brookline Sisters, and one 
of our senior missionaries, Sister Walsh! She's serving with the Portugese group! 

The Beach in South Boston

Rene Castillo, one of our investigators! He makes us Guatemalan every time we visit! 

He is my favorite person in the world!!! He's getting baptized in November! :)

EDWARD!!!!! :)

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