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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Living Prophet


We are seriously so blessed to have a living prophet! Thomas S. Monson is truly a man of God! 
I loved getting to watch General Conference in Spanish. At the beginning of the Saturday morning session, I said a silent prayer that I'd be able to understand the Spanish, and I did! I really do believe God blesses me with the gift of tongues and interpretation every single day here! 

He is so good to me! 

Right now we have a LOT of investigators we are working closely with. We have four baptismal dates coming up in the next two months. I am praying so hard that everything goes according to plan. Idalys, Isaiah, Juan, and Rene. I love these people so much. What a tender mercy it is to be filled with the pure love of Christ! 

God really is so good to me. 

I really feel so blessed to have been able to listen to General Conference this weekend. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about the simplicity of the Gospel. It truly is simple, and we really should "Simplify our discipleship." God really does trust His children to carry forth this week. I loved hearing the testimonies of the three new apostles called. I know they are really called of God! 

God is good. 


Happy, happy week! And happy fall! 

Hermana Webber

PS: Fall in Boston is magical. Thought you'd want to know. 

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