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Monday, October 5, 2015

Best Birthday/Week EVER!


I have the best companion in the world!!! For my birthday last week, we went APPLE PICKING! We went to Honey Pot Hill Farms and picked apples with some of my favorite missionaries in the mission. It was such a happy day. It really felt like fall! 

Hermana Bybee and I are staying together for another transfer!!! I AM SO HAPPY! This is the first companion I will be with for more than 2 transfers. We have seen so many miracles together here in Boston! 

This week was solid. We went on a double exchange (allow me to explain)! Sister Bybee and I are the Sister Training Leaders in our zone, so we go on exchanges with all the sisters here. This week, we did two in a row! On Tuesday, Sister Holt (Boston English Sister) came to the Spanish area with me and we were so blessed! We found two new investigators together! :) Then, that night, we exchanged with the Portuguese Sisters. Sister Marques came with me on Wednesday and we also had a fabulous day. Miracles really do happen on exchanges! The sisters in our zone are phenomenal missionaries. I feel really blessed that I have been given the privilege of getting to go on exchanges with them for the past three months. I learn so much from them each time. They are truly some of the greatest, most talented missionaries in the world. Even though it was  

We are finding new investigators left and right. They are all over the place. We are currently teaching 18 people and they are all progressing! The Lord is hastening His work here in Boston in preparation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be a part of it! 

Shout out to Jessica for being a Homecoming Attendant (or whatever they're calling it these days). You are still the most beautiful girl I know!

I love you all! The church is so true! Press forward, my fellow Americans! 

Hermana Webber

Service at Fenway Park! 

We helped out with a Blood Drive on September 11th at the Red Sox Stadium! 

Sister Bybee and I with the World Series trophies!

Cute Sister Bybee and BOSTON

The Castillo's surprised me with CAKE!

And then they shoved it in my face!

Honey Pot Hill Farms



Gently handles your apples, guys!

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