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Monday, January 11, 2016

Consecration (Happy New Year!)

A story has been told about a chicken and a pig who found themselves discussing their contributions to the farmer's breakfast table. The hen bemoaned having to donate her eggs for the breakfast. The pig replied, "Yes, but for you, it's just a small sacrifice. For me, it's a total commitment." 

Are we the type of church member who gives everything we have, everything we are, to the building up of God's kingdom here on earth? 
Or, like the chicken, do we only occasionally contribute?

We've been learning a lot about consecration recently. 
At the end of my mission, I really want to be able to look back and say that I truly did serve God with all my "heart, might, mind and strength." 
I love this consecration thing. 

I promise, there is nothing on the planet that brings more peace, more joy, than consecrating ourselves to God. Giving EVERYTHING we are and hope to be to him. Turning our will over to him and doing what He wants. 

We had a great week. I learned a lot and I love the mission. 
I could never repay the Lord for the thousands of tender mercies, miracles, and blessings He's poured out upon me as I've served. The year 2015 changed me. God is so good to me. 

and in 2016, I am turning myself over to him! 

Happy New Year. :) 
Hermana Webber

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