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Saturday, February 20, 2016

I'm Getting Transferred!

This week was another great one here in Boston!

We found 5 new investigators and set a baptismal date with four of them in the first lesson! God is so good to us. He literally guides every step we take.

One thing I've learned a lot here in Boston is that God's hand is present EVERY SINGLE DAY of our lives. It's our job to look around and recognize it.

On Friday we received news about transfers...
I'm leaving Boston after 7 and 1/2 months.
I'm going to PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island!
Man, I am SO excited! I will probably finish my mission there.

Hermana VerHoef was called as a Sister Training Leader here in our zone. I am really proud of her and excited for her. She is going to continue to do GREAT things here, not only for her investigators, but for the missionaries too. She is a great missionary.

On Wednesday, I'll meet my new companion. Her name is Hermana Hafen. She's been out for just 6 weeks, but she and I have been called to serve as Sister Training Leaders in the Providence North zone, so she must be AMAZING! I met her at the temple this week and she seems SO kind. I am stoked to work with her. Stay tuned on more info about what she's like! :)

What I learned in Boston...

I don't think I could ever put into words how much the past 5 transfers here in Boston meant to me. My time here truly changed me.
I think the most important thing I learned in this area (there are SO many thing... Obedience, diligence, faith, hope...) is LOVE.
The enduring power of the pure love of Christ... Charity.
I've been blessed to receive a portion of this love for the people here in this branch. I love them beyond my own understanding and this area is truly my home. It will be hard to leave, but God needs me in Providence, and I'll go where he wants me to be!

I am ready to run. I'm gonna give it my all.
There is no time to stop!
I love you all. Thank you for your love and support.
It means more to me than you could ever know.
God lives.
Christ's church still stands.
Some people call us Mormons,
and we will spread His Gospel until it's touched every corner of the earth.

Hermana Webber

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