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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Church Is True!!

To the best Family and Friends this world has to offer, 

This week was PACKED!

Let me a paint a picture for all of you. 

Every Sunday, we go to church at this little chapel at 79 Mount Hope Street in Roslindale, Massachusetts. In that chapel, every week, there are four different congregations that meet up. There is an English Ward, a Haitian Ward, a Spanish Branch, and a Portuguese Group.  You can imagine how crazy and crowded this building gets. It's incredible. I can't explain it. All these faithful devoted people, all with their individual backgrounds and cultures, coming together on the Sabbath to hear the same messages and the same doctrine in four different languages. There are a total of 16 missionaries assigned to this building, a set of elders and sisters in each program. That's our zone, The Boston East Zone of ZION. :) I love it here. The diversity is unreal. 

We had Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday with President and Sister Miller. It was really special to be a part of their first MLC meeting. It was really different than the MLC's with President and Sister Packard, but it was amazing nonetheless. Everyone was invited to talk and learn from each other. I love the missionaries in that council so much and I learned something from each of them. It was really spiritual. For the first 30 minutes, we discussed what ZION is. I was so happy when I realized that even though we have a new president, our culture of Zion isn't going to change. That's something we'll always strive for.

On Thursday, we spent ALL DAY planning for zone meeting with our the zone leaders, Elder Vecchi and Elder Garrido. They're the Portuguese elders here. They're great and planning went really well with them. 

Friday, we had Zone Meeting! It was amazing! We talked about accountability and How To Begin Teaching. Zone Meeting was soooo much fun! I LOVE our zone. It's so diverse... But I already said that :)

Then, on Saturday, we picked up two, solid new investigators, Hector and Rene Castillo! They just moved here from Guatemala like two weeks ago, right when I was sent to this area. :) I really think Heavenly Father put me here to work with them! They're AMAZING! Carlos Castillo (Hector's brother, Rene's son), was baptized in Guatemala 8 months ago and is bringing them to church with him. When we visited them, there was a moment when I just sat there and watched them to talking and laughing and smiling and my heart was filled with so much love for them. 

My heart has really been changed on this mission. I am so grateful that I am not the same person as I was before. Working with so many different people, from so many different countries and with their own, individual stories has humbled me so much. 

I've come to realize here that we really are ALL sons and daughters of God. We are brothers and sisters. We are a big family and together, we are building God's kingdom. I know we are preparing the world right now for the second coming of Jesus Christ and that His gospel really will penetrate every country and will be brought forth to every people. We are a part of that army who is making it happen. 

I am witnessing it happen here in Boston as I watch these people come to worship our father in heaven each week. They are all my brothers and sisters, as cheesy as that may sound. 

I love you all! I hope it's a great week. Talk to you soon! 
Hermana Webber

PS Here is my new address:

2 Dunning Way #109
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Last Mission Leadership Council with the Packards 

Digital exchanges in Lowell, MA with Sister Goncalves and Sister Lima

Okay, I forgot to tell you guys this AMAZING story! So a few weeks ago, Sister Thompson and I went on exchanges to Bridgeport (where I started my mission). 
Before then, I had been working on one of the websites and found a young man names Sylvester. I skyped with him and found out he just moved from Ghana to the USA like three months ago... and guess where he told me he lives?.. BRIDGEPORT!!!

I got his number and told him about our church and everything and planned to meet him when he came down to do exchanges with the sisters there. So, we met him at the mall there, which is right across the street from the english chapel, and we brought him over to the church with us! He was soooo cool! There was actually a baptism going on that day and so he got to see the baptism and everything! It was such a miracle and so exciting. We introduced him to the elders serving in Bridgeport and he's getting to meet with them! 
These are pictures of us outside the church. :)

The Orgill's

Bunker Hill with my girl, Sister Thompsie

Farewell Conference with The Packards. I love them SO much. You guys are so lucky you get to meet them! 

THESE ARE MY PEOPLE! We're the Boston Spanish missionaries :)

Here we are at the Boston Public Library, weekly planning! :)

Happy 4th of July! :)


P-Day with the english sisters and our elders too! :)

These are the "Haitianaries" -The Haitian Creole elders, Elder Lee and Elder Basiten.

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