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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Dear loved ones, 

We had a great, great week. 

Seriously, it was great. 

We had an incredible experience at church yesterday. So, we challenged our investigator to bear his testimony at church, and he did! Let me tell you all something about Rene, okay? I LOVE that man. He's 52 years old, from Guatemala, and he is the most humble, selfless, loving little man I've ever met in my life. We have fallen in love with his family and I have learned so much from them! 

So, in his testimony, Rene talked about how his entire life he's never really been a part of any religion. When he was younger, he was baptized after the tradition of his family, but since then has never found a religion for himself. 

He talked about how he'd always seen the young, Mormon missionaries in the street and how something about them really stood out to him. And then, just a year ago, his son Carlos began meeting with them and was baptized. He said, "I always thought that as a father I was the one who needed to teach my son about God, but in the end, he's the one who has brought me to Christ." 

He then testified that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brings people closer to Jesus Christ more than any other religion. 

Hermana Bybee and I were bawling. It was a sacred experience and I will NEVER forget it. 

Feeling CHARITY, the pure love of the Savior, Christ, for another human being is the most moving, changing, and overwhelming emotion. I've experienced it in increments in my mission - for my investigators, members, missionaries... - but yesterday, I think I really caught a glimpse of how Christ feels for each one of us. 

Feeling that love has transformed my life and changed my heart. I know it came from serving Rene. 

I will forever live my life in search for feeling that love for others. 

Hermana Webber

PS I was called to train a new missionary this week! She gets here on Wednesday!!! Pray for her and pray for me too. :)

1 John 4:18

One time we ate lunch in a stairwell. 

We carved pumpkins for P-Day :)

It was a good time. 

Look how cool E. Garrido is hahahahaha

Yeah, carve that pumpkin. 

#HaitianPumpkin #HaitianDreams

Please enjoy my poop pumpkin. 

Boston East Zone! #BEast

What a BEastly pumpkin.

The senior missionaries in our zone (Elder & Sister Braithwaite and Elder & Sister Walsh made us a halloween lunch and it was the most adorable thing ever. 

Have you ever seen an Asian mummy?

Now you have.

Early morning FUTBOL!!!

Hey, look. It's me with a pumpkin on my head. :)

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